Cockroach Treatment

Cockroaches are some of the most notorious household pests, both in New Zealand and worldwide. In order to keep your home, warehouse or office safe from these pests, you need experts with a proven plan of action, like us.

Rodent Treatment

Mice and rats can cause extensive damage to properties, nibbling away at cables, clothes, papers and more. They may also carry diseases, endangering your family and employees. We can help keep them away from your home or office.

Flea Treatment

Fleas harm both pets as well as humans. These tiny insects can jump and lodge themselves to clothes and shoes. To remove a flea infestation in your Auckland building professionally and keep it safe for both for you and your pets, give us a call.

Bed Bug Treatment

Many New Zealand houses have a bed bug problem. Their bites irritate the skin and cause sleepless nights. Make sure your home is rid of these pests with a professional yet affordable bed bug removal service.

Ant Treatment

While most ants are a nuisance, they can also at times be dangerous, especially when small children are involved. These colony forming insects can very persistent especially if they find a source of food. Keep yourself safe by getting your place treated by experts.

Wasp Treatment

Wasp stings can cause pain and, at times, an allergic reaction. A large wasp nest outside, on your deck for instance, can be a major problem when hosting friends or having a sausage sizzle at work. Avoid these problems by getting your home or office treated for wasps.

Spider Treatment

The presence of spiders and cobwebs can lend an unpleasant or unprofessional appearance to your home or office, reducing the overall value of the property. Some spiders can also sometimes cause serious harm. If your building has a spider problem, here’s how we can help.

Carpet Beetle Treatment

Carpet beetles feed on objects made of natural fibres like wool and fur, and can be seen lurking in carpets, furniture or clothing. They can also be found on fallen pet hair. Keep your home or commercial buildings free of carpet beetles with our affordable treatment.

Bird Proofing

Most homes and commercial buildings in urban New Zealand face a bird problem. Protect your building from bird droppings and nests with our range of bird proofing solutions that help keep your building looking beautiful at all times.