Building Washing

The exteriors of your property, whether that’s your home or office, are crucial to creating a great first impression. Which is why you need professionals with years of experience when it comes to getting your property washed. Know more about our building washing service and how we can help get your home or commercial building cleaned and looking good for longer.

Window Cleaning

Windows on buildings can develop spots and marks over time, especially with Auckland weather conditions. We use water blasting or the more traditional hose and brush to keep the windows at your home or office clean and free of spots. 

Roof Treatment

Rain and Auckland weather, in general, often cause the buildup of organisms on the roof of your property. Protect your metal or tiled roof from moss, mould and lichen growth with a more long term solution than roof washing, and ensure your property looks the best at all times. 

Roof Washing

Roof washing ensures not only a good looking property but also long term protection for your roof from structural damage caused by the buildup of lichen and moss. Get your coloured steel roof washed today to give your home a cleaner, fresher look.

Water Blasting

Parts of a property like decks, pathways, driveways, patios, fences and car parks often become dirty over time, which can be both unappealing and hazardous. Water blasting can keep these areas clean and sparkling, as the high pressure spray of water removes dirt, dust and other contaminants. 

Gutter Cleaning

Gutters in your building have a very important role to play. However, they can become clogged with leaves, twigs and dirt, and need to be cleaned to avoid leaks and structural damage to the building. Have your gutters cleaned to ensure your property remains weather tight and free of blockages.

Canopy Cleaning

Besides adding elegance and charm to buildings, canopies also protect from sun and rain. But they can often accumulate dust and dirt and need to be professionally cleaned. Here’s how we can help you keep canopies outside your home or office building clean.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panels help your generate clean energy but if they’re not clean, they may not be generating as much energy any more. Make your solar panels more efficient by getting them professionally cleaned so you can continue living green in beautiful Aotearoa.